“Custom LASIK is fabulous! Not only is it extremely effective but painless too! Thank You, Dr. O`Brien, for your expertise and kind heart. It`s been a wonderful experience.”

Maureen, Administrative Assistant

"Unless you have experienced waking in the morning and groping around to put your glasses on to see what time it was - you would not understand the simple beauty of sight without corrective lenses."

-Ray, Executive (Vice President)

“My LASIK experience was wonderful. Dr. O`Brien kept me informed of everything she was doing during the procedure. It was comforting to know what was going on every step of the way. Now my vision is better than it was even with glasses or contacts.”

Ben, Financial Systems Manager

"I highly recommend the procedure to my patients."

-Bill, Family Physician

"Safe, simple and satisfying. Words to describe my experience with refractive surgery. For anyone who qualifies, it's definite new freedom."

-Lynn, Office Manager

"No more headaches from the glasses. No more bloodshot, dry eyes from the contact lenses. I consider the refractive surgery a miracle!"

-Sharon, School Bus Driver

“I was quite nervous about my surgery. Dr. O`Brien and her staff did a great job of making sure I was at ease before, during, and after the procedure. Dr. O`Brien provided me with the support I needed I would recommend LASIK with Dr. O`Brien to anyone who feels a bit anxious.”

Heather, Chemist

"This surgery was a great decision. Nothing has done more to improve my quality of life. My advice would be to find the money and get it done. You'll wish you had done it years ago."

-Greg, Automobile Dealer